House Rules

Parking Pass

All vehicles must have a visible parking pass. You can get a pass at onsite office located by the pool.

Unregistered Guests

Only registered guests allowed

No Parties

This is a big one. We’re not here to ruin anybody’s fun, but a short-term rental is not an appropriate location for a house party. Hosts need to make sure that their rentals remain party-free for a number of reasons.

Open Flame BBQ

Open flame BBQ are NOT allowed on balconies or walkways.  Grills are provided beach side in designated area.

No Smoking

Smoking is not allowed on Southpoint property.

No Pets

We do no allow pets.

Roller Blades, Skate, and Skateboards

Roller Blades, Skate, and Skateboards are NOT permitted anywhere on Southpoint property.

Quiet Hours

Quiet Hours are from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

Trash and Recyclables

Dispose of trash and recyclables in the approproate bin at the north west corner of the underground parking area. 

Door Keys

Please take extra care of the keys issued to you. Lost keys incur a replacement fee as we must have the LOCKSMITH rekey the lock(s) with new keys.


Please take care of the furnishings. You have to pay for damages that exceed the security deposit.


Do not hang towels or bathing suits from handrails on walkways or balconies.  Do not throw any objects from balconies